Break Free from Conventional Thinking with Radical Curiosity

A life well-lived isn’t devoid of fear

Celia Fidalgo, PhD


Photo by Magne on Unsplash

Picture this: A world where every question has been answered, every mystery solved, and every corner of the universe mapped out.

Sounds boring, right?

That’s because it is.

Life’s essence isn’t found in the answers but in the questions, the unexplored paths, and the dark corners where the light of understanding hasn’t yet shone.

This is where curiosity, our unsung hero, comes into play. It’s not just a trait of the inquisitive; it’s the very fuel that propels us into the abyss of the unknown, guiding us through the fog of uncertainty with a promise of discovery.

The Lure of the Unknown

I’ve stood on the edge of a new challenge many times, peering into the darkness of the unknown.

The feeling is akin to the night before a big adventure. There’s fear, yes, but also an undeniable thrill. Diving into the unknown is an act of faith, a testament to our belief in the power of discovery.

It’s about taking that leap, not knowing where you’ll land, but trusting that the journey will be worth it. The unknown is not a void but a canvas, waiting for the bold strokes of the…



Celia Fidalgo, PhD

Head of Product @ Cambridge Cognition, Behavioral Scientist @ Irrational Labs, PhD in psych, I help people apply the science of psychology to daily life.